1: "Create a welcoming habitat for fall butterflies in your garden with these essential tips from Birds and Blooms."

2: "Plant native nectar-rich flowers like asters and goldenrods to attract butterflies in the fall season."

3: "Provide a water source like a shallow dish with pebbles for butterflies to drink and rest in your garden."

4: "Add host plants like milkweed and parsley to attract female butterflies looking to lay their eggs."

5: "Avoid using pesticides in your garden to protect butterflies and other beneficial insects."

6: "Maintain a sunny, sheltered spot in your garden for butterflies to bask and feed on nectar plants."

7: "Create a butterfly-friendly habitat by including a variety of plants with different heights and colors."

8: "Keep your garden clean and free of debris to provide a safe environment for butterflies to thrive."

9: "Invite butterflies to your fall garden with these essential tips from Birds and Blooms. Happy gardening!"