1: Meet the Downy woodpecker, a common backyard bird known for its black-and-white plumage and small size.

2: Learn about the Downy's unique drumming behavior, used to communicate with other birds and establish territory.

3: Discover the Downy's favorite foods, including insects, berries, and suet found in gardens and woodlands.

4: Find out where the Downy makes its nest, often selecting dead trees or branches for a cozy home.

5: Witness the Downy's impressive acrobatics as it hops and climbs along tree trunks in search of food.

6: Listen to the Downy's distinctive "pik" calls, used to communicate with mates and signal danger in the area.

7: Learn about the Downy's range, found throughout North America in forests, parks, and suburban neighborhoods.

8: Discover how to attract Downy woodpeckers to your backyard with feeders, suet, and nest boxes.

9: Join the growing community of birdwatchers and nature enthusiasts in celebrating the beauty of the Downy woodpecker.