1: Welcome to bird nesting season! Follow these tips to prepare for the arrival of your feathered friends.

2: Choose the right location for your birdhouse, ensuring it is secure and away from predators.

3: Provide nesting materials like twigs, leaves, and grass to help birds build their cozy homes.

4: Keep bird feeders full of nutritious seeds and suet to attract a variety of bird species.

5: Install a birdbath for birds to drink and bathe, promoting healthy feather growth.

6: Place decals on windows to prevent bird strikes and protect our avian friends.

7: Keep pets indoors or supervised to avoid disturbing nesting birds and their young.

8: Monitor bird activity regularly and enjoy the sights and sounds of nature's beauty.

9: With these tips, you'll be ready for baby birds to arrive and witness the magic of bird nesting season.